About New Constance Hotel

Nestled on the corner of Lake Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in the heart of Pasadena’s business district, the Hotel Constance has stood as a landmark symbol of the city’s dynamic history since 1926. Originally developed as a boutique hotel in the Roaring ’20s, the Hotel Constance remains a vestige of the city’s prosperity and culture of the early 1900s, but has since seen the effects of modern competition through urban renewal in other parts of the city, and ceased operation. That’s where we come in.

Drawing upon the historical essence of the hotel as well as the current modern flavor of Pasadena itself, local real estate and development group Singpoli Capital Corporation has set out to revamp the hotel from the ground up. Our aim? To redesign the hotel with its same novel feel but update it with amenities that locals and visitors alike can enjoy in the context of a new decade. These new improvements feature a spacious mixed-use corporate and retail complex, three chic eateries of various cuisines, accessible service apartments for the traveling business doers, and a convenient parking structure for a place to leave the car while exploring the town.

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